DJ Buddy
Creative Director & DJ

  • Active
    Since 1997
  • Origin
    Chino Hills, CA
  • Social
  • Genres
    Alternative Rap/Hip-Hop

DJ Buddy’s Bio

DJ Buddy is a well traveled and well seasoned DJ, host, and MC. He started DJing house parties in the Inland Empire in 1997, moved on to DJ every notable club from San Diego to San Francisco, and has performed in the Mid-West, New York, Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas and the Philippines. He has over 200 mixtapes in the library, both audio and video.

In 2003, he moved onto a more professional career, gaining experience in the music industry and managing a record pool of 75 DJs. He has built a strong foundation in the mobile DJ world, hosting and performing for an average of 60 private events a year.

In 2005 he went on a 25 city tour up and down the coast of California with performing artist Cal Logic. In 2011 he founded DJ Buddy TV, an online variety show broadcast involving A/V entertainment with a crew of 5 which created a new form of media for his market. He has done it all and continues to innovate.


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